Prostate Cancer Care Doctor St Louis

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is highly curable when detected early and treated appropriately. The team at Arch Cancer Care is considered the local Missouri and Illinois experts at delivering dedicated, individualized, and personalized curative prostate cancer care to those men diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.

Many treatments, including radiation therapy, can be administered with no noticeable or very minimal side effects.

This multidisciplinary endeavor is facilitated by close integration of urologic cancer care with primary care physicians, urologist, gastroenterologist, medical oncologist, radiologists, surgeons, and collaborative care network of additional specialized health care providers.

Arch Cancer Care is an easily accessible community treatment facility in St. Louis. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer undergo a thorough assessment and evaluation of their overall health status.

A careful analysis of the prostate cancer pathology and thoughtful consideration of the potential biological behavior of the tumor is undertaken.

Available treatment options are then presented based on these specific disease findings, personalized patient preferences, and the experience and expertise of the treatment team.

A comprehensive discussion of alternative treatment choices might include active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, or a combination of multiple modalities.

For more advanced prostate cancer disease states, additional systemic therapies might be suggested as part of the overal treatment plan.

It takes detailed attention, sophisticated technology, and a unified network of providers to successfully tackle the complexities of prostate cancer care.

Arch Cancer Care specializes its efforts in overcoming the logistical challenges of prostate cancer treatment. Most patients can continue working, traveling, exercising, playing sports, or enjoying retirement time with friends and family.

Our Team provides men with a comfortable setting where they will receive experienced care in prostate cancer management. During the cancer journey, our primary goal is to cure the malignancy, but also to encourage and promote positive lifestyle changes so that men will emerge as cancer survivors after treatment healthier than when they started.